Half Day Bike Rental by Affordabike

Included with Tour Pass:

Half-day bike rental per adult or child. Value of $15 per person. Simply present your pass at the counter.

Half-day = Bike must be picked up and dropped off during business hours of the same day (see hours below). If you'd like more time on the bike you must pay the difference out-of-pocket.

Exploring Charleston by bike is a fun and entertaining way to slowly take in the historic streets and locales. Stop and take your time, visit a park, grab a bite to eat or simply get some exercise. Doing so will also allow you to get from tour to tour quicker. 

Rental bikes are offered by Afforabike, a premier full-service bike sales, service and rental operation. Bikes must be picked-up and dropped off at their location (address below). 

Additional Information:

  • Helmet and bike lock will be provided.
  • Non-return or damages to your rental bike will be charged by Afforabike to the credit card you provide to them at check-in. 
  • Follow and obey all traffic laws. 
  • Riding bikes can be dangerous. By participating in this activity you agree that Tour Pass is not liable for any and all injuries or death while riding. 

Map: Recommended Riding Routes


Old Slave Mart Museum

Reservations are NOT required! You can visit anytime they are open. To redeem, simply open this Mobile Pass and lay your phone on the counter where they will check you in.

The Old Slave Mart Museum, located at 6 Chalmers St., recounts the story of Charleston's role in this inter-state slave trade by focusing on the history of this particular building and site and the slave sales that occurred here.

History of The Old Slave Mart

The 1808 ban on the United States' participation in the international slave trade led to a renewed demand for slave labor, which was satisfied, in part, by the creation of a domestic slave-trading system in which Charleston functioned as a major slave collecting and reselling center. The Old Slave Mart Museum, located at 6 Chalmers St., recounts the story of Charleston's role in this inter-state slave trade by focusing on the history of this particular building and site and the slave sales that occurred here. In the seven decades between the drafting of the U.S. Constitution and the Civil War, more than one million American-born slaves were sold away from plantations in the upper South to work the rapidly expanding cotton and sugar plantations in the lower South.

In Charleston, enslaved African Americans were customarily sold on the north side of the Old Exchange Building. An 1856 city ordinance prohibited this practice of public sales, resulting in the opening of the Old Slave Mart and a number of other sales rooms, yards, or marts along Chalmers, State and Queen Streets. Other Uses Possibly the only known building used as a slave auction gallery in South Carolina still in existence, the Old Slave Mart was once part of a complex of buildings known as Ryan's Mart that occupied the land between Chalmers and Queen Streets. The complex consisted of a yard enclosed by a brick wall and contained three additional buildings: a four-story brick building partially containing a "barracoon," or slave jail, a kitchen, and a "dead house," or morgue. More Recently

Slave auctions at the Old Slave Mart ended in November 1863. The property changed hands many times after the Civil War, and between 1878 and 1937 the building was used as a Negro tenement and as an auto repair shop. In 1938 Miriam B. Wilson purchased the building, which by then, had come to be known locally as the Old Slave Mart, and established a museum featuring African and African-American arts and crafts.

Judith Wragg Chase and Louise Wragg Graves took over the Old Slave Mart in 1964, placed it on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and operated it until its closure in 1987. Recognizing the significant importance the institution of slavery has had in Charleston's history, the City of Charleston acquired the property in 1988.

Historic Walking Tours

Reservations ARE required. Click the "See Available Times" button to reserve. Tour departs from address listed below.

We invite you to experience the history of Charleston, on this 2 hour History Walking Tour that will take take you deep into the heart of Charleston.

The tour starts with the founding of the city, reliving the colonial days. Retracing the original city and seeing the progression of wealth and culture.

Then they'll dive deep into the Revolutionary History, where you will experience why Charleston really is the Boston of the South! Did you know the first decisive victory of the Revolutionary War was fought in the harbor of Charleston?

On to the Civil War, Charleston is the birthplace of Secession. Such a complex war, that even decades later, people are still trying to understand it all. Not only will you visit where it all began, but also experience the history that brought us to that moment in time. Also experience the aftermath, reconstruction, and present day Charleston. As the history unfolds, you will see how it took over a century for this city to come back to life.

On this tour you will see:
• Mansions
• Gardens
• Beautiful side streets
• Churches

Seasoned tour guides introduce you to some of the unique stories that have formed Charleston, including the spirit and culture of her and her people.

Discover how with so much tragedy on a tiny peninsula, you will still find the friendliest people in the nation! See how those hardships have rallied Charleston's people around their city, to rebuild her year after year!

What Is Not Included?
Gratuity is not included in your ticket price. While not expected it is greatly appreciated.

Meeting Location:
141 Meeting Street (Charleston, SC)

whodunit charleston walking tour

Murder Walk: A "whodunit" Tour

Reservations ARE required. Ages 12 and up only. Click the "See Available Times" button to reserve. Tour departs from address listed below.

This is a story of a Murder Mystery, clues, photos, and a narrative of a death. Can you figure out "whodunit?" Join us on a 90 minute Mystery with a little History of Charleston. This is a great option for a night time tour that is not a ghost tour but still fun entertainment.

• Interactive Game Tour. You will not be asked to perform.
• Follow the clues and solve a crime
• Alleyways and Side Streets 

Calling all gumshoes for this Murder Tour! A murder in cold blood has occurred on the streets of Charleston, and we need your help to solve it. We have been hired by a very affluent family to solve a murder. We will pick up the trail of a killer and need your help to piece together the clues and bring justice!

This is an interactive tour, but you are not asked to perform. The tour consists of retracing the steps of a crime in the city of Charleston. You will be told the facts of the case and stories of the suspects. Clues and alibis will be given, and you will relive the scene of the crime. A prize will be awarded to the gumshoe who figures out who the true murderer is!

Ages 12 and up only

What Is Not Included?
Gratuity is not included in your ticket price. While not expected it is greatly appreciated.

Meeting Location:
141 Meeting Street (Charleston, SC)

Chilling Charleston Ghost Walking Tour

Reservations ARE required. Click the "See Available Times" button to reserve. Tour departs from address and map listed below.

Walk the streets of Charleston weathered by time and tragedy. Follow in the footsteps of Lords and Generals, murderers and thieves, slaves and the free. Take a step back in time when duels were all but law.

During this 90 minute tour, your guide will weave you through the gas lit streets of Charleston, painting another world with their words!

On this tour, you will hear about:
• Tales of the Macabre
• Oddities of history
• Legends of pirates
• The whispers of poets
• Peer into graveyards
• Paranormal Events
• Murders
• Demons
• Root

Experience the history of Charleston, that you won’t find written about in magazines! The Chilling Charleston Macabre Ghost Walking Tour is sure to intrigue everyone in your group. From the believers in the paranormal, to those who need the lights on when watching horror movies.

Find yourself transported back in time! As the sun sets and the otherworldly come out to play, let’s retrace their steps, relive their history, and pray they don’t follow us home!

What Is Not Included?
Gratuity is not included in your ticket price. While not expected it is greatly appreciated.

Meeting Location
141 Meeting Street (Charleston, SC)

Charleston Speedboat Adventures

Xstong>NOTICE: Must have an even person pass to book this tour (2, 4, 6, 8, extra.) Bookings with your tour pass require that you have 2 people per boat. Maximum weight per boat cannot exceed 420 pounds. If you purchase a single or odd number person pass you cannot book this tour. Your pass must have an even number of people on your pass.

Take the wheel and become the captain of your very own speedboat! Tour is fully narrated and by the lead boat tour operator and will take you on a 13 mile journey through Charleston's historic harbor to see sites up-close such as:

  • The Battery
  • USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier
  • Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
  • Fort Sumter
  • Waterfront Park
  • the Cruise Ship Terminal
  • See dolphins up close and wildlife

The Boats:

  • 13-foot mini speed boats that can hold up to 3 people (restrictions apply).
  • Powered by a 30 horsepower quiet eco-friendly outboard motor. 
  • No boating experience is necessary!

Watch Video: 

SC Historical Society Museum

Reservations are NOT required. Present your mobile pass at the gate for entry. Closed at 4 pm. Last ticket is sold at 3:15 pm.

Immerse yourself in the history of South Carolina!

Although founded in 1855 as an archive and private manuscript repository, the South Carolina Historical Society opened its first museum open to the public in September 2018. The new space pairs personal manuscripts, maps, and artifacts with innovative technology as visitors experience illuminating moments in our past.

The newly remodeled, repurposed Fireproof Building is the home of the Historical Society headquarters. The National Historic Landmark houses a new, state-of-the art museum with interactive exhibits that showcase South Carolina history, culture, and arts. Designed by Robert Mills and constructed between 1822 and 1827, the Fireproof Building is believed to be the first of its kind constructed in the United States.


  • Informational exhibits.
  • Self guided tours.
  • Wheelchair accessible.

The museum is closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.


Pounce Cat Cafe - Charleston

Pounce Cat Cafe

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed. If your group has 8 or more people please call ahead. 

What you receive: 1 hour at the Cat Cafe along with 1 free beverage per person (coffee, beer or wine)

Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar is a place where you can come to enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea, sip on wine or craft beer, snack on delicious pastries, and cuddle with adorable (and adoptable!) cats. We've teamed up with our local shelter, Charleston Animal Society, to provide our cats, so if at the end of your visit you've fallen in love with your new feline friend, you can take them home with you!

Visits to the cafe are $15 per person and include 1 hour in the cat lounge as well as 1 beverage of your choice to enjoy while you hang out with the kitties. Beverages included with the reservation fee: 1 glass of house wine, 1 craft beer, or bottomless non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea, lemonade, and soda. Fresh, local pastries are also available for purchase at the cafe if you would like a snack. Additional time can be purchased at the cafe if the cat lounge is not fully booked for the next hour.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: The minimum age for visiting Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar is 12 years old. A parent or guardian will need to sign a minor waiver for anyone visiting the cafe between the ages of 12 and 17.

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: You can alter your reservation date/time by clicking on "Modify Reservation" link in your confirmation email up to 24 hours prior to your visit. You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.
MAXIMUM GROUP SIZE: Parties larger than 8 people are required to reserve the space as a private event. Not only can large groups be loud and distressing for our cats, they can also be disturbing for other guests who are visiting the cafe during the same hour.

birds of prey - charleston

Center for Birds of Prey | Flight Demo

Reservations ARE Required. Click the 'See Available Times' button to reserve!


A division of the Avian Conservation Center, the Center for Birds of Prey offers visitors a unique insight into the lives and impressive adaptations of our feathered apex predators, birds of prey. The Center houses one of the largest and most diverse collections of live birds of prey in the nation including eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, kites and vultures. Whether you're a birder, a photographer, or simply want to spend the day outdoors, we invite you to explore the fascinating world of birds with us.

Coordinated programs that include a guided tour and flight demonstration are available at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Your ticket also includes access to the grounds for the day (10 am to 5 pm).

Highlights include:

  • Guided Tour: Enjoy a walking tour of the grounds with an experienced guide.
  • Flight Demonstration: Watch as hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, and vultures soar above; learn about their hunting and flying techniques.
  • Exhibit Area: The grounds are designed as a campus where visitors follow paths accentuated with aviaries housing nearly than 50 species of birds of prey.
  • Owl Wood: Owls are universally recognized as some of the most compelling ambassadors for the natural world. The Countess Alicia Paolozzi Owl Wood spans two acres in which visitors experience owls from around the world in a refined & tranquil setting.

Your visit provides operational support for the Center's educational, medical, conservation, and research initiatives. We hope that your experience here will inspire an appreciation for birds of prey and a genuine concern for the diminishing habitat upon which they—and we—depend.

All proceeds from your admission go to support the Avian Conservation Center, a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization.

Pitt Street Bridge

An amazing locale to see the Charleston Harbor and view evening sunsets

A bridge at the end of Pitt Street used to span Cove Inlet to connect Mount Pleasant to Sullivan's Island. When the newer Ben Sawyer Bridge was constructed, the bridge was no longer used. The city renovated the bridge remains by creating a pedestrian greenway with sodded grass and palmetto trees. The bridge extends to roughly 1/2 of the original length, giving visitors a nice view of the surrounding intracoastal waterway. Locals walk, jog, and fish along the bridge. At the end of the walkway, you can see the remains of the old bridge as it extends toward Sullivan's Island.