Charleston, SC Rainy Day Itinerary

This itinerary is simply an example of what you can do. When purchasing Tour Pass you are free to do whatever you want. You can follow this itinerary or create your own from the list of available attractions.

Yes, it’s true….it does rain in this paradise we call Charleston every now and again 🙂 Don’t let the weather ruin a possibly super fun day! If it does rain while you’re here, we put together a helpful one-day itinerary of things you can do with you Tour Pass.


  1. City Bus Tour. These are air-conditioned or heated and allow you to tour the city regardless of the weather. We have two options that include Adventure Sightseeing and GrayLine See it All City Bus Tours.
  2. Harbor Tour. These popular tours provide protection from the rain and are both offer live narration. We have two options as well that include Charleston Harbor Tours and Charleston Harbor Tour by SpiritLine.
  3. JUST ADDED IN AUGUST 2018!! Pounce Cat Cafe. You get an hour to cuddle next to cats while drinking a complimentary glass of wine, beer or a latte!


We ordered these starting with the downtown locales for ease of travel and what’s nearest.

  1. Charleston Museum
  2. Confederate Museum
  3. Powder Magazine
  4. Gibbes Museum of Art
  5. Slave Mart Museum
  6. Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon
  7. Nathaniel Russell House Museum
  8. North Charleston Fire Museum
  9. Charleston Fun Park


  1. Charleston Harbor Fish House | $7 voucher per person.
  2. Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts | free doughnut per person.
  3. The Grit Counter | $7 voucher per person…serves lunch only.
  4. Revelry Brewing | 2 free pints per person, a $15 value.
  5. Deep Water Vineyard | free 9 wine tasting + souvenir wine glass.
  6. Firefly Distillery | Free liquor tasting.