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Online site not working, person reached by phone had same problem. Very helpful, took care of all I needed, and act seemed interested in what I was doing

Great value

Great value for the package. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend for anyone visit Charleston especially the 1st time.

What a great idea!

This summarized in one place good tour ideas. Informative and a time saver!

carriage ride

I can't remember the young man's name but he had reddish blonde hair and had attended to college in Charleston. He was knowledgeable friendly and quite funny when he needed to be. It was a really enjoyable ride through the city

Charleston Tour Pass

A lot of bang for the buck! I highly recommended it, saved us a lot of time.


completely satisfied with all bookings, changes, tours & tour guides/operators. They were all very knowledgable and made history fun

We definitely got our money’s worth

My wife and I were able to take in 5 events around Charleston and saved about $40. Make sure you map out the locations you want to see ahead of time to maximize your pass.

Great choice and good value

My 3 daughters and I enjoyed using the tour pass. We chose the Palmetto Carriage ride which was a highlight. Then we did the Ghost and Dugeon tour but that was lame. Next time, we’d choose an adult only ghost tour. We visited the McCleod Plantation which was interesting. The Harbor Tour was relaxing, informative and well-narrated. The pass is definitely a good buy and full of good choices.

Excellent value for the money!

Enjoyed the many options for the multi day pass.

Outstanding Customer Service

We were supposed to be in Charleston to celebrate our anniversary the week of October 8th - 12th. We decided that the Tour Pass was the way to go and purchased it before we left. The Customer Service representative we spoke to was friendly and polite and made sure that we had all the information that we needed.
Unfortunately Hurricane Michael was supposed to arrive in Charleston at the exact same time as we were so we decided to cancel our trip and make it another time.
We called the Customer Service Department and spoke with a very friendly and understanding gentleman that immediately refunded the full value of our purchase.
He was also kind enough to recommend March as a good time for us to come back and enjoy Charleston. We definitely will and we will most certainly buy a Charleston tour pass again.
Based on all of the features of the pass and the amazing Customer service we wouldn't do without.

recent visit

very good. I wish I was able to do more. I had to wait on Harbor tour
for 3 hours, because it left early on the scheduled time. Otherwise it was
very good.

all was great except the "ghost tour", the tour guide was a dud! walked away from the group , started his tale before the group all got to each site, was rude to some and when the tour was over he just said to find our way back to the starting place!

Wonderful trip

It was our first ever trip to Charleston and we loved everything about it. We purchased the one day pass and mistakenly chose Sunday for the day to use it without checking days and times for all the free walk-in stuff. Unfortunately several things that we were interested in were closed on Sunday. This was failure to plan on my part, so all in all they deserve a 5 star review.

Charleston Tour Pass

Overall great!

I really enjoyed using the Charleston tour pass. There are a lot of different activities to choose from so it was easy for everyone in my family to find something they liked. We did a lot of the activities offered so it ended up saving us some money which was great. The only thing I didn’t like was that it’s not actually a real app. It’s a website that just looks like an app which sometimes made it glitchy. For example, sometimes I would press the back button on safari instead of the back button on the “app” and it would mess up or freeze and I would have to close it and restart it. It would be better if it was an actual app you downloaded from the App Store. That was the only thing I didn’t like but everything else was great.

Hello Amanda! Thanks for your feedback and review. We haven't had that complaint from others, however will take a hard look at this since we always want to provide a flawless experience for our users.
Charleston Tour Pass

The tour pass helped us to very easily make the most of our trip to Charleston. We were able to see practically every major attraction at great discounted rates. I would definitely recommend the 3 day pass. It was also great that the pass did not require use on consecutive days.

Touring Charlestown

Highly recommend getting the tour pass. We stayed busy using it. Alot to pick from

Worth the money

Since this was our first visit ever to Charleston we weren’t really sure what to see and do. The Tour Pass allowed us some great flexibility as we figured it out with some real deals. Definitely worth the money!

Good times

My wife and I enjoyed the tour passes we purchased. Worth the money and easy to use. We did quite a few things off the pass and still have plenty more to choose from if we decide to purchase again. Very friendly when calling to purchase and very help and accommodating for needs.

Well worth it

Having the 3 day tour pass made our visit easier and more enjoyable. There were plenty of ideas to choose from and it encouraged us to do more. I’d recommend buying the pass.

We used the pass several times during our week in Charleston. We thought it was a GREAT value. We went places and did things we would not of known of or were outside our comfort zone. We would purchase this pass again if we return to Charleston. Thank you!!!

The Tour Pass is well worth the money. Lots of options to take advantage of.

Charleston fun!

Amazing place to go with family, downtown is beautiful and not overcrowded at all. I wish I would've known about the tour pass earlier though as it was not advertised in the Charleston visitor guide book

Once I figured out how it worked, it was great.

Thank you for the review. Yes, it's very easy to use. In the future please visit our how it works page on our site.
August Girl's Trip to Charleston, SC

The tour pass was a convenient way to visit and tour many of the historical sites in Charleston. I definitely got my money's worth through the pass rather than paying separately for each tour taken.